Build financial security & live your best life.

Trusted since 1907.

The Principatus Wealth Builder Life Insurance Policy, offered by the Sterling Pacific Financial Corporation (USA), has been trusted across generations to build stable wealth, no matter the era. Whether it be a time of war or a time of peace, you and your family can trust that we will be there for you and your future generations.

Stop worrying & start building your dreams.

Explore your policy's benefits.

No health exam is required

Our policies are built upon financial longevity, so you never have to submit to a physical exam. No need to stress over your suitability. We're glad to be there for you.

The policy pays in 5 years

You're only responsible for premium payments for five years, after which the policy will pay you for the remainder of its term. You'll pay nothing more after five years.

We approve everyone age 18+

Our business is growing wealth for as many people possible. As a result we approve 100% of the applications from people over 18 years in age from every country on earth.

Share with 5 beneficiaries

You can designate up to five beneficiaries to receive both the Cash & Wealth Benefits. Feel free to change your beneficiaries any time at no additional charge.

Fully customize your policy

This is the 21st century.  Your policy will be fully customized to exactly meet your needs so there is no waste, no extras & no stresss.

Close your policy any time

Need to cash out quickly? You can close your policy at any time & receive your wealth benefit within a matter of days. No need to stress about liquidity when opportunity arises.

Access your account online

All Principatus Life clients receive online access to their policy, including monthly statements. You can change your info, beneficiares & more in a simple, easy to use control panel.

Premiums are tax-deductible

For policy owners living in unfriendly tax jurisdictions, your premium payments are fully tax-deductible. Use our policy to improve your tax performance & preserve your income.

Perfect for offshore planning

Our policies are fully transferable and valid in every country. They can also be owned in the name of offshore and/or holding companies for the saavy investors among us.